Do you got it – the killer-most social app? And other social media DOHs

September 26, 2012

The killer-most -, the end-game -, automagical – social app!?

And other social media DOHs

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit

Low Cost

This is so awesome that it defies any attempt to describe it with any of my usual coherence, clarity and objectivity – not in one sentence.

It costs $10 per month. That’s about the cost of two super-sized venti whatever lattes – that some of you buy in one day. OR

You could just pay the one year subscription for $60. That’s a 50% discount!

Fucking A!

A as in AWESOME.


I have not been paid or compensated in any way to share my excitement about this killer social app.

The problem with even the best of breed social apps out there is that they don’t provide the kind of opportunity and efficiency as all those social media experts and fans tout. If a social app ONLY changes the life of one person for the better – one in ten million – that’s an epic fail. It’s not a win!

Because that win ain’t yours!

And that win never shall…

Be yours.

Never ever.

What is an acceptable rate of win?

An acceptable rate of win is a win for one in ten thousand. You won’t find an acceptable rate of win on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. And if you can prove me wrong, Mazel tov! I’ll give you $100.

But before you reach for my Benjamin, I have to describe to you how I describe an acceptable rate of win.

Social Proof

Results are everything. And what can be done in one month is the best measure of any social app.

1. Twitter

a. 1000+ Twitter friends auto-tweeting your posts
b. 100 new Twitter followers per week
c. Twitter verified your account because of your popularity

2. Facebook

a. 1000+ Facebook friends and subscribers auto-sharing your wall posts
b. 100 new Facebook subscribers (personal or fanpage) per week
c. 1000 likes per week

3. Blog

a. 3% to 7% increase in blog traffic per week
b. 1,000 new subscribers per week
c. advertising revenues increase by .05% to 2% per month

Social Search

Social Search is not just about typing a name, key word, or search phrase. It’s about the quality of results. It’s also about the speed of getting relevant results. More important than these, social search is really about the interaction available and the opportunity that can be unlocked between you and your social search result.

1. I can add up to 100 new people to my network per hour. I can search and find these new “Follows” in an intelligent and efficient manner.

a. Profile rankings based on the confidence by members of the community
b. Badges and Reputation earned by their selection for such by members of the community
c. Profession, Job Title, and Employer Company Name
d. Awards, Distinctions, and Recognitions
e. Personal Interests and Hobbies
f. Personal Likes (books, movies, music, etc.)
g. Full Name, email and/or location
h. Search Ranking of their profile and other online properties
i. Top 20 topics that reflect on them or their work (images may be included)
j. Mention in local, national or international news

2. Once identified, I can evaluate their relevance to me via a smart, useable summary of the above. That summary will also include information, pictures, art, other media and links which they have selected for the snap shot profile.

3. After adding people to my ADDS, several things will follow:

a. The Follow will be notified of my ADD by email or sms AND message in the network inbox of my account.

b. They will receive a snap shot profile of me and a call to action to consider adding me and/or send me a personal or form message that includes text, media and links.

c. If I do not send them one or two communications (maximum is two for a Follow) via the network within 30 days, I will be given the option to file “them” in a list of “Interesting People” or allow their name to drop from my list of Follows.

d. If they do not reply or respond to my initial ADD or messages within 60 days, their name will drop from my list of Follows regardless of my expectations and hopes. Furthermore, I will not be able to send them a message or re-ADD them for a period of six (6) months (or more) unless they initiate an ADD.

4. When they ADD me, they become a Friend.

a. I can send a Friend up to 20 free messages per month. The total size of a free message must be less than 1MB but it can include text, media and links. For an additional $5 per month, I can send up to 20 GBs of messages per month. Storage beyond 30 days is only a small, additional fee, but I can opt to have all my messages routed to my email before and after reading them.

b. I have fixed, named spaces and a rolling feed that can only be seen by Friends and/or the public according to the privacy settings I choose for a named space, my feed or an individual share. Regarding my Friends, I can also set privileges for what Friends can see what by “grouping” them. A Friend can be designated to as many groups as I create.

I could write ten pages about these killer features and I’d still have 12 more blog posts to write – telling you all about this BEAST.

Social – Can’t Touch This!

Twitter, Facebook, whatever… ain’t no one that can touch this. Just like MC Hammer sings it!

MC Hammer, Can’t Touch This

Today, it’s good to be me.

And that’s what a killer social app does! It gives you every reason to shout this out from the rooftops:




Stan Faryna
26 September 2012
Bucharest, Romania

Dear @Jack @ev @biz @dongwang218 @larsonite @TwitterEng! Fix The Twitter Unfollow Bug Already!

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“Discovering that Twitter has unfollowed a lot of people for me, including some of my best friends. What the hell?”

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Why everyone is taking about online community.

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Everyone in social media and the digital ecosystem seems to need or want an online community. Or do they? Do we? Do you?

What is online community? There are many answers out there. Here’s several links if you want to start thinking about it: Wikipedia, O’ReillyJoão Alves,  OsakaBentures, and Nancy White.

If the ambition is for attention and permission to future attention, however, is community necessary?

Madness, Our House

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Brands are like Tinkerbell: Stop believing in them and they die.

April 27, 2012

Brands are like Tinkerbell: Stop believing in them and they die.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Never Never Land

Mark Pesce, an Australian entrpreneur, recently tweeted:

Brands are like Tinkerbell: If you stop believing in them, they die.

Pesce’s tweet reminds me of the ancient proverb about the things that we believe:

Seeing is believing.

That’s what comScore and Pretarget are suggesting. That a parlay on online display ads pays handsomely. Because brands get seen online. Clicks, They are also suggesting, are not the last word in conversion: transaction, interaction, conversation, and/or community. In other words, online measurement and metrics are suspect. Say What?

Who’s calling shenanigans on who!?

Saint Germain, Sure Thing

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The Devil Is In The Details. Is Google’s Drive just another Faustian app?

April 25, 2012

The Devil Is In The Details. Is Google’s Drive just another Faustian app?

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Google Drive

Google’s new cloud-based online storage service, Google Drive, is yet another Faustian app by any other name. By uploading content to Google Drive, you grant Google a irrevocable license to use your stuff – even after you stop using Drive.

Robert Johnson, Crossroads

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How to make friends and influence people in social media

April 24, 2012

How to make friends and influence people in social media

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

If you follow Gini Dietrich, Bill Dorman or Bruce Sallan, you’ll understand everything that I have to say here. Because there’s no better lesson than the lesson you’ve seen lived out by the people you know. IRL or social.

Like IRL, social is something you have to live – automation, enthusiasm, and/or drama does not deliver consistent and sustainable results. Nor value.

It should go without saying. That there is no difference between IRL or social when it comes to making friends and becoming influential. It just is. Until we are replaced by robots. That’s why Klout, Kred, and Empire Avenue can’t help you.

Queen, We Are The Champions

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Beyond advertising, social, and IBM. And other digital DOHs.

April 17, 2012

Beyond advertising, social, and IBM. And other digital DOHs.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

IBM’s 2009 report, Beyond Advertising, was said to be a feast. Download it here. But if it was a feast, it was a feast of leftovers. Think Thanksgiving – or, more precisely, the three day old leftovers of Thanksgiving. And that was in 2009!

The Beauty of Pollination

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