Ain’t I A Woman? And other social media DOHs.

Ain’t I A Woman?

And other social media DOHs.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Nia Long reads Sojourner Truth’s Aint I A Woman?

The contest of mice and men (The U.S. Presidential Election 2012) is finished. For now. The results are yet to be seen.

But it is not too late for the voice of women to be heard. To remind us that that responsibility falls into our caring and loving hands – responsibility to turn the world right side up again as Sojourner Truth once reminded us – women, men and children.

Stan Faryna
07 November 2012
Bucharest, Romania

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6 Responses to Ain’t I A Woman? And other social media DOHs.

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    Women have a tremendous power and ability to influence inside of them. I wonder how many of them know that?

    But it’s diminished by anything contrary to love.

    I struggle to work through feelings of the election that need to be fueled more by an eternal perspective vs. a worldly one.

    I could easily get caught up in fear, hate, despair, complaining, etc. But that achieves nothing and goes nowhere.

    Offering a positive perspective is my greatest gift that I give to my family. It stops negativity in its tracks.

    Good and simple thoughts, Stan.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Yes, Bets. And I feel strongly that women can and must contribute meaningfully to culture… even beyond the family and the local footprint.

  2. Thanks so much for including a link to my post here, Stan. I really appreciate your support for this series.

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