OMG! Facebook killed Kenny. You bastards! (or) How to write like an expert

February 26, 2012

I logged into Facebook today and my Timeline Preview was waiting for me like a bone-crushing, down-on-your-knees-help-me-God hangover after a long night of champagne, whiskey, loud music, and sin.

I would have paid $100/year to keep my facebook, old school. This is not an idle boast.

Is it scary to you that my $100/year is chump change to Facebook? Even if one million people stood in the customer queue (think bigger than a line at Disneyland) that I just invented, it would still be, very much, just chump change.

Hurts, Wonderful Life

I have a day or two before the timeline look goes live. There ain’t nothing I can do to stop the clock. I’m just another man who’s run out of time.

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